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Payroll Procedures & Time Charging


Timesheets are due to ORSP as posted on the ORSP events calendar. Failure to turn timesheets in on time may result in non-payment for the bi-weekly employee and monthly employees will be charged to the department FOAP.

  Appointment Type
Timesheet to Complete
  GRA (monthly)
Faculty & GRA Timesheet
  Bi-weekly / Hourly
Grants Bi-weekly Timesheet
  Salaried (monthly)
Staff (Benefited) Timesheet
  Multiple position - Salaried
Faculty & GRA Timesheet

Payroll Due Dates

Current timesheets can be downloaded from:

Salary Adjustments

Reduction or additions to salary - Fill out the BECR form for temporary salary changes using the "Temporary Change Request" portion of the form, category "Salary Change/Hourly Change." Enter Current Salary amount per year (not monthly salary amount) under "Change From:" and enter salary changed amount per year under "Change to:" Make sure you enter effective date and end date.The salary will go back to the original salary after the end date. You will submit a new BECR form each time an increase or decease in salary occurs.

To request a payroll correction please fill out the Request for a Payroll Redistribution form. Turn in the completed request by the due date on the ORSP Event Calendar for the correction to show in the financial close of that month.

To request a hand check, fill out the Request for a Payroll Hand Check form. Hand checks are for emergency use only. Hand check requests are turned into ORSP for verification of grant information then they are passed on to payroll where they are handled like all DU hand check requests.

Extra pay for hourly paid employees (Biweekly) - Hourly paid employees should record additional work done on their Biweekly timesheets. Any work they have performed over forty hours in a week will be compensated at 1 1/2 times their hourly pay rate. A workweek begins on Monday and ends the following Sunday.

Additional payroll for monthly employees - To receive additional pay from a grant you will need to complete the MHOT form for each payment requested which includes the FOAP and a detailed explanation of work in the comments section This form is to be used only once per fiscal year. The electronic approval must complete the approval cycle prior to the 18th of the month prior to the pay date when the employee will need to receive the additional pay.


For GRA, submit the MBTH form.

For non-benefited employees, submit the MBTH form.

For appointed employment, see Human Resources website for Separation Request Form.