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Accounting Policy For Administration Of Research Grants & Contracts

Certification of Effort

Instructions to Certify Effort E-Reports

Instructions for Effort Certification Training

Link for Accounting details

Conflict of Interest

Cost Sharing

Cost Transfers to Sponsored Programs

Drug Free Work Place

Equipment Matching

Expenditure Documentation and Approvals

Export Control Policy (.pdf)

Grant & Contract Negotiating

IBC Review of IRB and IACUC Protocols

Leave Reserve

Misconduct in Science

NIH Public Access Policy

NIH Public Access Letter to Publishers (.pdf)

Non-Compliance with Regulations of Institutional Research Committees

Overload Compensation

Overtime Policy

Payroll Processing for Bi-weekly Paid Grants Personnel

Procurement Integrity Policy

Program Income

Proposal Submission Approval and Review Guidelines

Records Retention (.pdf)

      Retention Schedule (.pdf)


Subrecipient Monitoring

Subrecipent Monitoring Notice

Subrecipent Monitoring Checklist

Subrecipent Monitoring Record

Subrecipent Approval Checklist

University of Denver Federal-Wide Assurance of Compliance With DHHS Regulations for Protection of Human Research Subjects

Principal Investigator Eligibility

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