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Post Award Administration

In general, any substantial deviation from the agreed upon project probably needs prior approval from the sponsor.

Check the Notice of Grant Award or contract, the sponsor's policy guidelines, or the ORSP project administrator if questions arise.

While the project is being conducted, several occasions will arise when it is necessary to obtain the sponsor's approval. These include:

  • Scope of Work Changes
  • Change in PI Effort
  • Change in PI/Key Personnel
  • Specific Financial Transactions, including:
    • Significant Rebudgeting
    • Use of Program Income
    • Travel
  • Other Specific Terms and Conditions
  • Transferring a Substantial Portion of the Work

ORSP Approvals

Expanded authority

In an effort to save time and paperwork, several federal agencies have granted ORSP the authority to make certain specific decisions regarding sponsored projects. Authority has been generally granted to allow ORSP to authorize:

  • No-Cost Extensions of Up to 12 Months
  • Rebudgeting

Sponsor Approvals

To obtain sponsor approval, the PI must write a letter to the sponsor that includes the request and justification for the requested changes. The request must then be forwarded to the ORSP project administrator.

NOTE: NIH and NSF require that all requests be submitted electronically.

Electronic prior approvals

The PI must compose the request. Although departmental staff may assist, PIs must transmit these from their computers in order for their official electronic signatures to appear on the requests.

Attachments: Where additional documentation is necessary for the sponsor to properly evaluate the request, transmit the information electronically whenever possible and practical. This information should be either included in the body of the email request or attached in the form of a text-only file. If hard copy attachments will be sent, write at the bottom of the email: "hard copy attachments to follow."

Approved requests should be emailed to the project administrator at ORSP.

If the request is appropriate, the project administrator will endorse it and forward it to the sponsor. This step applies to both paper and electronic requests. The requests may not be acted on until specific approval has been received from the sponsor. Failure to obtain required approvals could result in disallowance of costs or nonpayment by sponsor.

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