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Project Closeout

All grants have a defined begin and end date. Once the grant has reached the end date, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs begins the grant closeout process.

1. Program Administrators send a Project Expiration Notice to the PI 60 days before a project is scheduled to end.

2. PI’s return the Project Expiration Notice marked with the appropriate response.

3. If the PI states the grant is ending as scheduled, the Program Administrator will send a Close-out Checklist form that the PI will need to fill out and send back to the PA.

4. Once the Program Administrator receives the Close-out Checklist, the PA completes a Project Closeout Form and begins to route it through compliance and accounting personnel.

5. The Account Representative will finalize the close-out process. Unused funds will either be returned to the sponsor or moved to the departmental flow back account based on the terms of the grant/contract.

6. All records at the departmental level and ORSP must be retained for three years following the final close-out of the award.

7. The University of Denver is required by the Office of Management and Budget to comply with all audits and audit findings. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs coordinates all audits and strives to handle all audit questions within their office, however, occasionally the auditor may contact the department for clarification.

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