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Pre-Award Assistance Provided by
the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

The following is a summary of the proposal submission services provided by ORSP. If you have needs outside of those identified, feel free to contact your ORSP project administrator for guidance.

a) Guideline interpretation: Your ORSP project administrator will work with you to understand the agency guidelines and will contact agency personnel with any questions regarding their guidelines.

b) Representations/Certifications: Your ORSP project administrator will prepare and obtain signatures on representations or certifications required by the sponsoring agency.

c) Budget preparation: Your ORSP project administrator will work with you to prepare your budget to ensure that all potential costs have been identified. Make sure accurate fringe benefit and indirect cost rates are used and calculated correctly. The budget conforms to the agency's guidelines. Assist you in preparing the budget narrative. Lastly, help you identify costs that may be included as cost share or match when required.

d) Form preparation: Your ORSP project administrator will assist you in preparing the cover page, budget forms, and representations and certifications. ORSP does not provide proposal preparation services.

e) Signatures: The ORSP Project Administrator is the contact person for obtaining signatures on behalf of the University of Denver for sponsored programs. This includes, but is not limited to, proposals, certifications, assurances, grant/contract award documents and modifications, and subcontract and consulting agreements,

The Board of Trustees designate authorized individuals and limits of authority on an annual basis. The following individuals are authorized to sign documents relating to sponsored programs:

  • Chancellor
  • Vice Chancellor for Business and Financial Affairs
  • Controller
  • Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

f) Copying and mailing: The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will copy and mail proposals for academic units, as time permits.

Copying includes:

  • Copying the required copies to be submitted to the agency; two copies for the principal investigator/project director; and ORSP copies.
  • It does not include any special bindings, covers, etc.
  • In cases where the ORSP project administrator is not in receipt of the completed proposal in sufficient time to allow for copying and mailing, the principal investigator/project director is responsible. Each determination is handled on a case-by-case basis, since the proposal load varies dramatically based upon factors outside of the ORSP project administrator's control.

g) Internal documents: ORSP provides internal documents requested by agencies, such as audited financial statements, tax-exempt documents, list of board of trustees, and indirect cost rate agreements. Contact your ORSP project administrator regarding any special needs you may have.

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