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Research Synopsis Submission Form

Faculty Research Publication 2008

Please complete the entire form.

Limit your submission to no more than 600 words.

Write your abstract in layman's language to the level of someone with an 8th grade education.

Specify if your research was funded or unfunded. Provide the names of the funding source(s) for your research.

If you wish to provide photographs, graphs and charts, please send the attached documents to Indicate in your email which research the photos, etc. are associated with from this form. Also, if there are people in the photos, indicate who they are and what they are doing. Please provide the date and month of the photos as well.

If you have additional research areas for submission, please submit a separate synopsis entry for each area.

  Research Title:
  Synopsis of Research:






If you have no research collaborators, please indicate by typing "none."

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