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Korbel Classroom

DU Peace Corps Community

Board Members

The Board Members of the DUPCC are returned volunteers and Master's International students. The current board is:



David Boggs

Treasurer and Secretary


Brittany Pimentel

Co-VPs of RPCV Relations


Mark Homco, Brittany Pimentel

Co-VPs of RPCV Recruitment


Grace Brown, Adam Stuart

Co-VPs of Special Events


Nathalia Cubillos, Jordan Rief

VP of Communications and Public Relations


Jennifer Murphy

Co-VPs of Social Action


Kendra Allen, Danielle Kerchmar

VP of Community Partnerships


Bri Erger

Co-VPs of Happy Hour


Miki Lendenmann, Laura Lloyd-Braff

Visit the Contact Us page for any inquiries about the DUPCC.