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Meal Plans

Student Meal Plans

All first-year and second-year students are required to have a meal plan and must choose either the Unlimited, 125-Block, 100-Block, or 75-Block meal plan. The 50-Block meal plan is available only to 3rd year, 4th year, and commuter students.

The meal plan provides a set number of meals and a meal plan cash account. Meals can be used in Centennial Halls, Nelson, and Nagel dining rooms. Meal plan cash can be used at several food service locations on campus.

Click here for locations and hours.

Meal plan options are as follows:

  • Unlimited: Unlimited access to cafeterias + $100 meal plan cash + 10 guest passes
  • 125-Block: 125 meals + $225 meal plan cash
  • 100-Block: 100 meals + $200 meal plan cash
  • 75-Block: 75 meals + $200 meal plan cash
  • 50-Block: 50 meals + $175 meal plan cash

You can also add an additional $100 dollars of meal plan cash per quarter to your meal plan for only $75 dollars! This must be done through the Housing Department before the meal plan change deadline.

To purchase or change your meal plan, please contact the Housing Department at There is a deadline each quarter for changes.

Click here for pricing and information.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plan

We also offer a Faculty/Staff Meal Plan to current DU faculty and staff members. This meal plan can be used in Centennial Halls and Nelson dining halls.

The plan provides 10 all-you-can-eat meals for $59. You can purchase additional blocks of 10 meals for an additional $59 at any time.

To purchase the plan, just stop by the ID Office with payment, and your meals will be available for use immediately. Alternatively, you can deposit $59 to your Flex account online, and send us an email with your name and ID number, requesting to purchase a Faculty/Staff Meal Plan with your Flex account. We will notify you when the transaction is complete and your meals are available for use.