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Pioneer ID Card

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Use Your Pioneer ID Card


Restricted parking lots on campus are accessed using your Pioneer ID Card.

Please note that your specific parking permit designates the days and times you are able enter your lot. For instance, if you have a night/weekend permit, your card will only allow you access from 4:00pm-7:00am M-F and on weekends. You will be denied if you try to access at any other time.

Please contact Parking Services for more information or to purchase a parking permit.

Is Your Card Not Working?

The card readers are sensitive. If the gate does not open, please try again. Try varying the speed and going from top to bottom and vice versa. If after swiping your card at a parking lot you are unable to enter, please make note of the light that appears on the reader when you swipe your card.

If you receive a red light, your card has not been properly programmed to provide you access to the parking lot. Please first contact Parking Services to ensure they have assigned the access to your card. If you still have problems afterwards, please contact the ID Office.

If you receive a yellow light, the card reader was unable to read your card. This is typically due to a damaged, dirty, or de-magnetized card. Please bring your card to the ID Office for assistance. If we determine you need a new card, damaged cards can be replaced for $5.