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Staff and faculty make the University go. You can go to the Center for Multicultural Excellence's website for a complete list of resources, programs and events for and by our LGBTIQ&A communities.

For information about upcoming events, ongoing resources and other opportunities, subscribe to the private, weekly Qdigest enewsletter and/or join us on


Employee benefits & Services

The University of Denver provides a number of benefits and services to all employees, including our LGBTIQ faculty and staff:

  • Non-discrimination policy: Beyond the state and city/county laws protecting sexual orientation (defined to include transgender status) in employment, public accommodations, etc, DU's own policies have included sexual orientation since 1995 and gender identity and gender expression since 2007.
    • Particularly around gender identity/expression, however, consistent, inclusive practices are still lacking in many areas. You can help us change that! See "campus working groups," below.
  • Partner Benefits: University benefits are extended to registered domestic partners and families of employees to the same extent that such benefits are provided to the spouses and families of eligible married employees. Eligibility for all employee benefits is based upon the position held; and may be attached to both full and part-time, qualifying positions. Benefits include but are not limited to Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance and Tuition Waiver. A signed and notarized Affidavit of Domestic Partnership needs to be completed and returned to the Human Resources department. A Benefits summary is available at
    • NOTE: Because civil unions and domestic partnerships are not yet recognized by the federal government, any partner benefits you receive through a DP (or pending state civil union) may be considered "imputed income" (i.e., taxable) to the employee. Additionally, employees cannot use pre-tax dollars to pay for a domestic partner's coverage, precluding them from the full benefits of a Flexible Spending Account, Health Reimbursement Account or Health Savings Account. At the current time, DU does not "gross up" pay to offset the tax on DP benefits.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): The University of Denver extends FMLA-type leave to employees with domestic partners.


involvement opportunities / affinity organizations

  • Queer University Employees (QUE): A professional organization for LGBTIQ & Allied DU employees who join together to promote a welcoming and affirming university community. QUE meets for social, service, networking, advocacy, and educational opportunities. Contact CME's LGBTIQA Services.
  • Queer Faculty Association (QFA): QFA supports LGBTIQ-identified faculty on campus through advocacy, scholarship, and social networking. QFA works to connect queer faculty across the university and insure that DU is an affirming space for all queer students, staff, and faculty. Currently, QFA meetings vary in focus from discussing issues related to teaching challenges facing queer faculty; sharing queer studies research; holding social potlucks; and developing queer-friendly policies for tenure and promotion. QFA also values and supports the work of queer allies and queer staff on campus and at various times plans meetings or events to connect with them. Contact CME's LGBTIQA Services.
  • AlumNetwork: Many current DU employees are also, or will be, DU graduates. See our Alumn link for those resources!
  • campus working groups: From planning the annual Gala, to researching and implementing more trans* inclusive practices across campus, your input and action can help make DU an even better place for all our communities. Review the programs, events and organizations on its website, and contact CME LGBTIQA Services with what issues and events need your help!
  • DU student organizations are occasionally in need of formal faculty/staff advisors, and can always benefit from shared expertise--professional and larger life--by those in the know. Many employees are also taking classes, and might benefit from the peer connections in their school/college. See the groups on campus, and connect with those of interest to you.
  • peer resource: If you're willing to be contacted as needed, let CME LGBTIQ&A Services know; we keep a list of resource folks willing to speak with other employees or students about their fields, DU experience, etc.

Professional Development opportunities

As an educational institution, DU also offers growth opportunity to employees through Human Resources, various employee organizations and campus partners. A few, more LGBTIQ&A-related are below:

  • Queer & Ally (Q&A) Training: Everyone can benefit from knowing more about the wide range of identities and experiences in the LGBTIQ&A rainbow. Attend these sessions, display your placard/button, and be a proud resource for campus inclusion.
  • annual Diversity Summit: attend and/or present sessions on engaging LGBTIQ&A communities in your office, research/writing and/or classroom.



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