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This page includes resources relevant to everyone at, or considering joining, DU. These are just a few descriptions of and resources for the LGBTIQA positive campus climate. A complete list of resources is on the CME LGBTIQA Services Web page.


National ratings and networks
DU participates in several national measures of campus LGBT-friendliness and networks for improvement, including:


Nondiscrimination Policy
The University of Denver prohibits discrimination based a person's race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, or veteran status. The full policy can be found at http://www.du.edu/bfa/policy/Equal_Opp.pdf.


Queer & Ally ("Q&A") Training
Similar to "SafeZone" programs at various campuses around the nation, Q&A provides 2-3hour interactive workshops to campus organizations, offices and informal groups to increase awareness and inclusion of peoples of all sexual orientations and gender identities/ expressions. Participants who complete both levels 1 & 2 can join the Q&A Network, declaring their support for sexual orientation and gender equity, and serving as resources for people across the campus. See details on signing up, and learning to facilitate, Q&A Trainings: http://www.du.edu/cme/lgbtiqa.html#training


Email Digest (Weekly on Fridays)

To help our communities stay informed about campus and community events, issues and opportunities, we compile and email a digest of FYIs each Friday morning to the (umbrella) QueerDUinfo and the QSA student email listservs. Brief submissions can be emailed to lgbtiqa@du.edu.


Social Series
One clear theme in feedback from DU's LGBTIQ and Ally communities is a need for purely social time--opportunities to just be together, without a specific task or educational outcome. Recognizing the importance of this community-building and maintaining process, we are seeking a few volunteers to help coordinate an ongoing series of low-key, lo/no-cost social activities. Past events have included a Queer Coffee Hour at Kaladi's, a trip to see Milk at the Mayan Theatre, and a "Viewer's Choice" movie night at Hillel. If you are interested in helping organize one (or more) of these simple socials, please contact us.


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