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Welcome to the University of Denver Pride Portal!

Learn, work, live and play Pio proud!

Whether you're a prospective student or employee exploring the climate at the University of Denver, or you've been part of the DU family for years, this site provides an easy-to-remember web address and centralized source for all sorts of information for our LGBTIQ & Ally classmates, colleagues, friends and larger community.

We invite you to EXPLORE information via the links at right and the tabs above, to SHARE this resource with others, and to SUGGEST needed topics and good resources we can add here. Email us via

Click on image at left to view our Fall 2016 flyer. (It's a quick distillation of same info scattered throughout this site.)

CHECK OUT Winter 2017 classes

We've compiled a PDF of some of the sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIGE) courses being offered in Winter 2017; check 'em out, and sign up. Faculty/Instructors: Please email us brief blurbs on your upcoming LGBTIQ&A-related courses to include in updates and future editions.

NEW! 1st edition of our Trans* On Campus Guide

We are excited to announce our first online Trans* Guide ! This guide was created to help current and prospective students in their journey through their DU education. We understand that their can be a lot of anxiety when beginning school and it is important to have all the information you can. This is a first edition, so as things grow and change on campus this guide will reflect that. With that, we need your feedback! Please contact us at with questions, comments and additions.

Pronouns and Why They Matter

This fall orientation, students were invited to mark their Discoveries nametags with stickers indicating the pronouns that others should use when talking with or about them. She/her/hers and he/him/his are the most commonly used English pronouns; however, a person may be better represented by other pronouns such as they/them, ze/hir, or even want no pronouns at all--just their name used instead.

Like calling someone the wrong first name, referring to someone using the wrong pronoun can suggest you feel that person is unimportant, unrespected and unwelcome. And, since we can't always tell or assume someone's gender or pronouns just by looking at or listening to them, knowing and using the accurate pronoun for others helps us to avoid making embarrassing mistakes, as well as to cultivate an inclusive campus environment that respects all identities.

So, please display your pronouns proudly, AND use the ones helpfully indicated on others' nametags! (And stay tuned for other improved self-identification options rolling out through the coming year across campus...)

Here are few additional resources on the why and how of engaging people, including their pronouns, accurately: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee pronoun reference guide, Michigan State University pronoun guide, Amnesty Int'l pronoun nametags, Bryn Mawr, and Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools

NOTE: Several of these publications still describe "preferred gender pronouns" or "PGPs"; however, it is increasingly common NOT to tag pronouns as "preferred." "Preference" suggests the user has the option to ignore the request, as it's just a suggestion, not important (like preference for one flavor over another). How we call and describe others deserves not to be taken so lightly. Your name and pronouns are your name and pronouns.

Information for and about our growing Transgender/beyond-the-binary community, including our Trans on Campus Summary for students and other resources, are under the Trans tab!

#OneDU with Orlando

Thanks to the nearly 150 Pios who joined us for our 6/13 Solidarity Silence & Shout for Orlando, despite the weather and late notice.

Notable notes

hands opening dress shirt to reveal rainbow underneath

Give input on future LGBTIQ&Ally services! Thanks to everyone who attended our 2/2016 Town Hall and provided input on how DU can better serve, and reference, our communities. COULDN'T ATTEND? Please REVIEW the slideshow (PDF) and feedback (PDF), AND SHARE your thoughts via a brief survey.

We list a number of local and national SCHOLARSHIPS on our Resources tab.

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