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Center for Professional Development

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Content Sponsorship (CE and PD)

Is your organization hosting an event?  

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) credentials the content of quality continuing education for psychologists (CE) and educators (PD) offered by organizations outside of the University of Denver (DU).  CPD partners with the Colorado Psychological Association, Colorado Assessment Society, Colorado Neuropsychological Society, Denver VAMC, Carson J. Spencer Foundation, local school districts and ShareFair Nation among others.  For more information and to apply for CE and PD sponsorship see the Guidelines and Application for Continuing Education Program for Psychologists and Guidelines and Application for Professional Development Programs for Educators information sheets.

Community Education

CPD is an important part of DU's commitment to the community. 

CPD brings quality content to outside organizations throughout the Denver metropolitan and Colorado area.  CPD has access to the best faculty and thinkers in education, psychology, social work, and beyond. We have the expertise and credentials to develop training programs to suit your needs.  For more information about customized content and specialty training programs, please email CPD or call 303-871-4161.

Interested in Advertising or Sponsoring a CPD Event?

CPD marketing reaches hundreds of thousands of professionals and our events serve several thousands of professionals each year.  

See more on CPD sponsorship opportunities here.