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The Clinic for Child and Family Psychology at the University of Denver provides psychological testing, diagnostic assessment, and therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

Our clinic is committed to delivering high-quality, research-based mental health services to the community. Our clinic is the training center for our American Psychological Association accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology.

Our clinical approach integrates the substantial clinical experience of our licensed, supervising psychologists with the commitment and creativity of our doctoral students who use up-to-date methods based on psychological research.

Clinical services are offered on the basis of a flexible, sliding scale. We are committed to providing high quality services to a culturally and economically diverse clientele.


For Children and Adolescents

For Parents

For Adults


The Couples Clinic has openings!

The Couples Clinic specializes in increasing effective communication between partners, managing conflict proactively, and enhancing the quality and fun of relationships. If you and your partner find yourself arguing all the time, fighting about the same things over and over, or no longer enjoying each other, please give us a call for details about the services we provide.


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