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Kayla Knopp's photo

Kayla Knopp

I graduated in May 2008 from the University of Colorado at Denver, with a B.S in Psychology. I am interested in the biological foundations of human cognition, and I have always been fascinated by approaching the study of psychology from a neuroscientific standpoint. My interests are mainly in intimate relationships and sexuality, and I plan to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology with a focus on couples research and practice in 2012.

In the lab, my primary responsibilities include organizing the lab space and schedule, and facilitating the research here in an administrative capacity. I am also involved in the research for our prospective memory project, as well as our investigation of the functional organization of prefrontal cortex.

Being a Colorado native, I enjoy any activity that allows me to be outside in our beautiful climate. I love snowboarding, mountain biking, practicing yoga, and listening to amazing music. I'm also an aspiring vegan chef and food blogger. I live on Green Mountain with my boyfriend Ted, dog Einstein, and cats Mojo and Zeus.