Religion and Perceptions:
Parenting a child with a disability

Parenting a child with a disability is likely to be experienced differently by different people. Many of the experiences will be shared by parents who do not have a child with a disability, and some may be unique. In the following questionnaires, we ask about beliefs and behaviors that some parents of children with disabilities say they have. We also ask about beliefs and behaviors that people who are not parents of children with disabilities may believe parents of children with disabilities have, but that you or others do not. We ask these questions so we can hear about the variety of responses directly from those who know best: the parents. Of course, no two people will feel exactly the same, so there is no right or wrong way to answer any of the questions.

The questions offer a wide variety of possible responses. Parenting involves both positive and negative experiences, and people may have very different positive or negative perspectives on different aspects of having a child with a disability. What is most important is that we know how YOU feel, think, and act. Keeping this in mind, please answer as honestly as possible.

Because we want to make sure we understand what you think or feel, we will sometimes ask a question in a few different ways, and we apologize in advance if it seems repetitive to you. If you are uncomfortable answering any question, or you do not understand a question, or do not believe you can answer it, you may leave it blank or mark an "N/A" option if that is available. Any information you give us will be extremely helpful. The entire survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

At the end, we will ask for your feedback on the questions we asked.

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Questions? Comments? Please email or call 303-871-4375.

If you would like learn about resources for parents of children with disabilities, click here.

This survey is conducted through Department of Psychology, at the University of Denver.

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