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Current Projects

  • Genetic Influences on Individual Differences in Reading & Listening Comprehension
  • Component Comprehension Skills and Their Genetic Covariation
  • Cognitive and Genetic Basis of Comorbidity between Comprehension Deficit Disorder, Reading Disability and ADHD
  • Compensatory Mechanisms for Children with Reading Disability: Domain Knowledge Influences
  • Assessment: How Test Differences Affect Both Clinical Diagnoses and Genetic Analyses of Language Deficits

Representative Publications:

• Keenan, J. M., & Meenan, C. E. (in press). Test differences in diagnosing reading comprehension deficits. Journal of Learning Disabilities. NIHMSID 351467

• Keenan, J.M. (2014). Assessment of reading comprehension. In C. A. Stone, E. R. Silliman, B. J. Ehren, & G. P. Wallach (Eds.), Handbook of Language and Literacy: Development and Disorders (2nd Edition). New York: Guilford Press.

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