Reading & Language Lab


Current Graduate Students

Chelsea Meenan B.A. 2007, Muhlenberg College

Anh Hua B.A. 2005, University of South Florida

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Recent Ph.D's & Current Positions

Rebecca Betjemann

  • Ph.D. 2005, See article based on dissertation in Betjemann, R.S., & Keenan, J.M. (2008). Phonological and semantic priming in children with reading disability. Child Development, 79, 1086 - 1102.
  • Now on faculty of Regis University, Psychology Department

Amanda Miller

  • Ph.D. 2010, See article based on dissertation in Miller, A. C., & Keenan, J. M. (2011). Understanding the centrality deficit: insight from foreign language learners. Memory & Cognition, 39, 873-883.
  • Currently a postdoc at Vanderbilt Peabody College Special Education Department

Sarah Priebe

  • Ph.D. 2011, See article that was basis for dissertation Priebe, S. J., Keenan, J. M., & Miller, A. C. (in press). How prior knowledge affects word identification and comprehension. Reading and Writing
  • Currently a postdoc at Department of Pediatrics University of Texas Health Science Center

Laura Roth

  • Ph. D., 2008, Comprehension Monitoring, Cognitive Resources, and Reading Disability
  • Now Advanced Researcher, OMNI Institute, Denver, CO




Last Updated: December 2011

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