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The Resource Center for Separating & Divorcing Families

Center Overview

The RCSDF provides dispute resolution, legal education, therapeutic, and financial planning services for separating or divorcing families with minor children. Families may engage with the Center for services either before or after they have filed in court, and may seek assistance to reach agreements in any of the following areas:

  • the initial terms of a separation or divorce agreement;
  • child support;
  • co-parenting after divorce;
  • disputes about parenting responsibilities and parenting time;
  • separation of assets;
  • planning for the financial future of the minor child[ren]; or
  • other disputes related to the family's reorganization.

If a couple utilizes the Center's legal services to reach an agreement about a legal issue, RCSDF staff and students provide them with information and education about the various forms that must be completed and filed with the courts. Parties who draft eligible written agreements may choose to have the agreement reviewed and approved by the Center's visiting judge. Couples who utilize this service may not even need to go to the courthouse.

The Center is also able to provide parents and children with therapeutic services and financial planning services related to separation and divorce. These services may include: individual counseling, adult support groups, children's support groups, communication and co-parenting courses, and individual or group financial planning sessions.

Intake and Assessment:

Individuals and families interested in receiving RCSDF services should complete an intake form online or at the RCSDF. The purpose of this intake is to gather general information about the family. Please note that both parents must be willing to engage with the RCSDF in order to receive services.

Upon receiving an intake form, RCSDF staff will review the information to determine eligibility for services. The Center will then contact families to schedule their interview with the interdisciplinary assessment team. The purpose of this interview is to help parents to identify the most appropriate services for themselves and their children. If RCSDF staff determine that services cannot be provided, referrals may be made to other community resources.

Following this initial intake, RCSDF staff and students will develop an interdisciplinary service plan tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of the family. This plan and accompanying recommendations will be presented to both parents for review and modification. In order to receive RCSDF services, both parents must consent to work with the Center and to cooperate in the development and implementation of a family service plan.

For more information about the process, click here.

Service Fees:

Over the course of the initial intake and interview, the interdisciplinary team will gather relevant facts regarding the family’s financial circumstances, including the family’s gross annual income, family size, and overall financial circumstances. If a family elects to use RCSDF services the interdisciplinary team will discuss the sliding scale fee based on the family’s financial circumstances. The minimum fee for one hour of Center services will be $15 and the maximum fee is $50. The sliding scale fee is based off the 2013-2014 Federal Level Poverty Guidelines.

Click here for a copy of our sliding scale fee  chart.


All individuals interested in receiving services should complete the online form or contact RCSDF at 303-871-3700. The RCSDF is able to provide services for a wide variety of families, including families with same-sex parents, or never-married couples seeking co-parenting assistance.

Families or individuals may be referred to another organization for assistance if either or both parents have:

  • no interest in collaborating or cooperating with a service plan; 
  • an extensive history of mental health issues;
  • a history of serious substance use;
  • a history domestic violence or child abuse or neglect; 
  • a lengthy history of parental litigation; or
  • any other circumstance which the Center's staff finds will make the provision of RCSDF services inappropriate for your family's needs.

** Please note that screening for any sign of domestic violence, severe mental health issues, or addiction will occur throughout the intake process. An alternate plan of action may be recommended for your family if any of these factors exists.