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Office of the Registrar

Register for Courses with Restrictions

If you're eligible to register for classes but are having problems adding them to your schedule, you may be restricted from registering until you meet certain requirements—or you may need pre-approval to add the course to your schedule .

Use this list to find common restrictions and possible solutions.

If you register for a class that's full, you'll receive a closed-course notification and—if available—the opportunity to add yourself to the course waitlist.

If the error notification you receive says waitlist seats are available, simply click "submit changes." If you've successfully added yourself to the list, you'll see the notation "waitlisted" within the status column.

Getting off the waitlist
Generally, a course waitlist is managed by its instructor or the academic unit offering it. The two exceptions are students in the Daniels College of Business:

  1. Undergraduates work with undergrad program advisers (303-871-6910).
  2. Graduate students work with the Rifkin Center for Student Services (303-871-3416).

If seats in your waitlisted class become available, the waitlist manager will notify you by phone or email if you've been selected to register.

Please note: You—not the waitlist manager—must re-register for the course. If the manager notifies you of your eligibility to register by email (via a registration override), you can register for the course online:

  1. Log in to webCentral, find the waitlisted course and drop it from your schedule via the option in the "action" dropdown menu.
  2. Find the course again, and re-register for it.

 You must come to our office, in room G33 of University Hall, to register for a waitlisted class for which you received approval via a signed add/drop form.

We offer some courses as a set, meaning you must register for both during the same term.

When registering for these types of classes, you'll see a co-requisite notation following the course description. Find the two complementary courses, and register for both at the same time.

Linked courses pair a lecture with its unique, complementary laboratory session. You must register for the pair of class sessions at the same time to ensure you're taking them during the same term.

Be sure to read the linked course requirements carefully; you'll receive a registration error if your lecture and lab sessions don't match.
In most cases, you can't register for the upper-level courses in a subject or degree program until you've completed its basic, lower-level courses.

Some exceptions:

  • Some programs accept test scores in place of prerequisites.
  • Some programs allow students to enroll in the prerequisite and upper-level course during the same quarter.

If you receive a "prerequisite or test score" error when registering for a class, you can request a prerequisite override by contacting the department that offers the course. Faculty can provide overrides by sending a signed drop/add slip to the Office of the Registrar or with online approval.

Once our office receives and confirms the override, you're responsible for officially registering for the course.

You'll receive a "repeat course" error when registering for a class you've already completed—or one comparable to it.

If you want to retake the course, you must get approval from the department or college offering your major or minor. We'll charge you regular tuition for the retaken course, regardless of what grade you earn.

Repeating courses for better grades
In some cases, a department or school may require you to repeat a course for which you've earned a D or F.

To gain full credit for the retaken course, you must receive a grade of C or better. We'll factor in both grades you've earned for the course when determining your cumulative GPA.

Repeating transferred courses
You don't need to register for a University of Denver course if we accept credit you've earned from another school as a substitute. You may, however, want to check with our office to see if the credit has been applied toward a requirement you need.

If you want to take the course anyway, get approval from the department that offers it.