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Ricks Center

Ricks Center students from Early Childhood through Upper School

Ricks Center for Gifted Children

This is where we belong!

Ricks Center is a place for children who have strong convictions, who are more intense, more curious and more innovative than their peers. Ricks Center is a place for children who are deeply sensitive, funny, intelligent, passionate and more.


We are excited to announce, Edward ("Ted") Brooks will serve as the new Associate Director of Ricks Center for Gifted Children.

Ted grew up as the youngest of nine just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has always enjoyed working with children and says his inspiration came from spending time with his many nieces and nephews. Prior to accepting his position at the Ricks Center, he was a graduate assistant at the University of Northern Colorado where he completed his doctoral degree in educational leadership. He has worked as a fourth grade classroom teacher, elementary gifted teacher, eighth grade pre-algebra instructor, and middle school assistant principal. In addition, he has been employed in industrial construction, the environmental field, facilities maintenance, ski instruction, and has also worked as a program coordinator for the Boys & Girls Clubs. He visited Colorado during his undergraduate degree and decided that he would someday reside in our beautiful state. Other than working with children, he enjoys camping, biking, rafting, motorcycling, skiing, and hunting. Ted is extremely excited about joining our team and looks forward to meeting and working with everyone!

Ted will start on February 7th- please join us all in welcoming Ted to Ricks!

in their own words 

"Ricks has pretty much made me who I am; I grew up here. I really love it so much. I feel like it has really given me a love for learning, and I always want to know more." --Francine age 13

"My favorite part about the Ricks Center is that you never go a day without doing something awesome."
--Ella age 8

"The teachers always find a way to get us interested and challenge us, so that we’re always learning."
--Holden age 13

"They help me feel proud because they help me through the work that I need to do, and it just makes me feel proud of myself like I can do anything."
--Tilly age 8

"Ricks offers kids an opportunity for leadership in every aspect of every moment of every day."
--Anne, Ricks Center parent

"To say that the teachers are skilled and bright and energetic is an understatement; they are really fantastic."
--Greg, Ricks Center parent