Application Information


Please contact us for the application materials for the 2014-2015 school year. Complete the necessary forms and submit along with the $75 application fee. 

Formal Assessment Testing

Formal assessment at Ricks Center is required for students applying for Kindergarten and older. Ricks Center for Gifted Children recommends that families seek formal assessment with educational specialists with specific training and experience working with gifted children.

Ricks Center does not formally endorse a specific tester, and appropriate testing from any educational psychologist will be accepted. The following individuals or centers below are licensed psychologists who have knowledge of Ricks Center and experience with gifted children:

Educational Counseling Services                      
Betsy Kutrumbos, PhD    
Jana Waters, PhD                                
90 Madison St., Suite 304
Denver, CO 80206
Sue M Hamm, PhD
3545 S. Tamarac St. Suite 330 
Denver, CO 80237
Nancy Winfrey, PhD
3433 W. 38th Avenue
Denver, CO 80211
Mark Suyeshi, PhD
6075 S. Quebec Street, Suite #203
Englewood, CO 80111
Professional Psychology Center
University of Denver
2460 South Vine Street
Denver, CO 80208
Lisa Binswanger Friedman, PsyD
950 S. Cherry St. #704 
Denver, CO 80246    
Gifted Development Center
8120 Sheridan Blvd. Suite C-111
Westminster, CO 80003-6146


Application deadlines are as follows:


  • Early Childhood - February 7, 2014
  • Primary - January 29, 2014
  • Upper School - January 29, 2014


Visit Ricks

Ricks Center encourages you to attend an information session. These sessions are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the needs of gifted children and the ways in which the curriculum developed at Ricks Center meets those needs. Sessions will include an overview of the program, a tour of the school, and the opportunity to ask questions of teachers and administrators.

The sessions are scheduled for the following days and times:

Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 9:30-11:00 a.m.


Please RSVP to attend the session of your choice: e-mail or call 303-871-3715.