Ricks Center's Upper School Sports Program is designed with the intent of giving each student the chance to enjoy, learn, enhance, and compete at a level commensurate with his/her own abilities. Ricks Center is committed to offering programming that provides for both intellectual and kinesthetic giftedness.  

Additionally, the Sports Program offers an opportunity to foster community relationships between players and other schools. The program promotes school pride and spirit and prepares students for competitive situations in many arenas. Girls are given the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Boys may play soccer, basketball, and baseball.

The goal is to give each individual an enjoyable experience in the program. This is done by allowing them to compete at their own level. Certain teams are designed to give equal playing time to all participating students so they can enjoy the game, learn how to play the game through the rules and proper techniques, and further their skills through practice time and game experience. Other teams are designed to give students the skills, enjoyment, knowledge, and competition that will prepare them with the necessary experience and skills to compete at the high school level.