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Drop-in Hockey and Stick & Puck | Adult Hockey & Public Skate

Adult Hockey Programs & Public Skate

Drop-in Hockey + Stick & Puck

Weekly drop-in hockey, and stick and puck sessions are available throughout the year.

Drop-in hockey (ages 18 and older)

Participants should have hockey experience.

Come out to Joy Burns Arena or Magness Arena for an open hockey scrimmage. These sessions are held throughout the week and are open to Coors Fitness Center members, DU students and the Denver community.

Reservations are available for current drop-in hockey 10-punch pass holders and Coors Fitness Center members. We recommended making a reservation at least one hour before the drop-in hockey session.

To make a reservation, please call 303-871-3904, or stop by the Joy Burns Arena front desk.

Stick and puck (ages 5 and older)

Whether you want to work on strengthening your hockey skills or practice for fun, these open practice sessions may be for you. Multiple nets are set out for use, and private lessons are available through the Ritchie Center. 

Private instruction during Stick and Puck sessions is limited to Ritchie Center coaches and coaches with Ritchie Center private lesson agreements.  If you are interested in arranging a private lesson, please contact Shawn Reid at 303-871-3388.


There are two ways you can register for drop-in hockey and stick and puck sessions:

  1. Early sign-up
Coors Fitness Center members and current drop-in hockey or stick and puck 10-punch pass holders can sign up 24 hours in advance of a scheduled session.

    Please call 303-871-3904, or stop by the Joy Burns Arena front desk to sign up.
  2. In-person sign-up

    In-person sign-up begins at the Joy Burns Arena front desk one hour before the scheduled session. Please note that these sessions often sell out; we recommend you get a 10-punch pass membership and pre-register.

    To purchase a drop-in hockey, or stick and puck 10-punch pass, please stop by the Joy Burns Arena front desk.

See our 30-day program schedule.

Drop-in hockey or stick and puck prices

  • Free: Coors Fitness Center member
  • $12: single visit Drop In Hockey
  • $10: single visit Stick and Puck 
  • $45: 5-punch pass
  • $90: 10-punch pass
  • $240: 30-punch pass
  • $338: 45-punch pass

Punch passes are available online.

Additional program information

For additional information on drop-in hockey or stick and puck sessions, please contact the Joy Burns Arena front desk at 303-871-3904.