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Jr. Pioneers Gymnastics


How can I join Jr. Pioneers Gymnastics?

Our competitive team rosters are filled from our learn gymnastics class participants. There is also a waitlist of potential team members. Space is limited and rosters are filled by invitation only.

When is my child ready to be on the team?

After your child completes all seven skill cards within our learn gymnastics program, she may be invited to try-out for our team. Occasionally, children with exceptional talent will be offered a spot after meeting with the coaching staff.

How much does each level cost?

Monthly tuition for level 3 is $175, levels 4 and 5 are $215, and levels 6-10 are $255.

Monthly tuition is due at the beginning of the month, regardless of attendance.

Is there a team fee in addition to the monthly tuition?


When is competition season?

Levels 3 - 5 compete September through mid-December. Levels 6 - 10 begin their competitive season in January and finish in May.

Do you travel?

Members of the levels 3-5 teams travel within Colorado. Most meets are held in the Denver area.

Gymnasts training at levels 6-10 compete both in- and out-of-state.

What is your competitive philosophy?

We aim to provide a disciplined environment that emphasizes goal setting, learning and competitive teamwork.

Do you offer dance instruction?

All competitive team members receive at least one hour of professional dance instruction per week.