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Jr. Pioneers Gymnastics


Our team costs fund team tuition, USA Gymnastics (USAG) membership, uniforms, travel and competition fees.

Monthly Team Tuition

Level 3 (2 days/week) $175
Levels 4 & 5 (3 days/week) $215
Levels 6-10 (4 days/week) $255

Team tuition is due at the start of each month, regardless of attendance. Automatic monthly billing is available.

USAG Membership Fee

$49 - $55 per year

All gymnasts must be registered with USAG. A completed application and credit card payment are due by August 9, 2013. USAG does not accept personal checks.

Uniforms and Apparel

$175 - $225 - due upon order

All Jr. Pioneers gymnasts must have a team competition leotard and warm-up suit.

Travel Fees

Jr. Pioneers gymnasts are responsible for all personal travel expenses.

Competition Fees

Competition fees for levels 3 - 5 are due September 24, 2013.

Competition fees for levels 6 - 10 are due January 21, 2014.

Competition fees are non-refundable.

The competitive season usually consists of five or six qualifying meets. In addition, there are state, regional and national competitions for gymnasts who qualify.

For more information, please contact Michael Simon at 303-871-4042 or