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Coaches & Managers

Coaches' Corner

Interested in becoming a Jr. Pioneers Hockey coach? Please fill out the coaches' application (PDF) and submit it to youth hockey operations manager Shawn Reid at

Coaching resources

Our coaches have access to a variety of resources including:

  • a coaches’ locker room
  • video camera and Dartfish analysis software
  • video viewing room
  • off-ice skill development areas
  • monthly training sessions with our manager of youth hockey operations


  • BU’s passing drill (PDF)
    This is a great drill to work on passing and neutral zone regroups. Be sure to run this drill at a high pace. If you have full ice, run it out of opposite corners to maximize reps for the players.
  • Figure 8 warm-up (PDF)
    This is a good warm up for completing a lot of repetitions in a short amount of time. This drill can also be completed by goalies.
  • Toby's 6 shots (PDF)
    This is a simple twist on a great oldie.
  • Austria (PDF)
    This drill is one of our favorites. Run it on both sides of the rink. If you are sharing ice, have one team run the drill on one side of the ice and the second team on the other side. Keep your head up in the neutral zone; there will be six players flying through the "NZ" at once.
  • Rink Diagram (PDF)
    Print this out and draw your own.