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Sandra Johnson Memorial Award

Each year, one club sports team is awarded the Sandra Johnson Memorial Award.

Sandra (Sandy) Johnson was a member of the DU club women's lacrosse team, who on April 10, 1989, died in an automobile accident on the way home from a club game in California.

To celebrate her life, club sports created an award in her honor and memory. The Sandra Johnson Memorial Award is presented to the club sports team that best represents student leadership, motivation and enthusiasm.

From 1996 – 2003, the award was presented to an individual club sports member who best exemplified these characteristics.

This award carries an extra sense of respect and pride as it honors our past and celebrates our future.

Sandra Johnson Memorial Award nominees are selected and voted on by the club sports advisory board. The award is presented each spring at the student programs end-of-year banquet.

Past Sandra Johnson Memorial Award recipients:

1988-89 Club Women's Lacrosse
1989-90 Club Rugby
1990-91 Club Men's Ice Hockey
1991-92 Club Women's Lacrosse
1992-93 Club Ski Team
1994-95 Club Equestrian
1996-97 Jennette Lewis
1997-98 Jim Riddle
1998-99 Alex Nelson
1999-00 Dustin Krajewski
2002-03 Libby Voss (Club Running)
2003-04 Club Snowboarding
2004-05 Club Racquetball
2005-06 Club Cycling
2006-07 Club Equestrian
2007-08 Club Baseball
2008-09 Club Cross Country
2009-10 Club Women's Soccer
2010-11 Club Figure Skating
2011-12 Club Kayaking
2012-13 Club Rugby
2013-14 Club Women's Water Polo
2014-15 Club Ultimate Frisbee