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Club Tennis

Club Tennis is a competitive team of male and female DU students that travels regionally and nationally, competing against club and NCAA level teams.

Most of our members are former competitive junior players and high school varsity players. We practice twice a week and, on average, compete in five tournaments per year.

Our team offers high-level competition without the time commitment of varsity athletics. We are a team on and off the court, and invite all students with an interest in tennis to participate in our challenge ladders this fall.

For more information on our team, please contact one of our club officers, listed below.

Tennis challenge ladders

At the beginning of the school year, we will set up two challenge ladders: one for interested men and one for interested women. All members from the previous year must try out again for the team.

Matches are played over the course of two weeks, at which time the top 10 men and top 10 women are selected. From these, five men and five women will make up the A team, and the other five men and five women will make up the B team.

Members of our A team must participate in one extra practice per week, purchase a team uniform and travel to club competitions.

Recent accomplishments:

  • competed at 2011-2012 USTA “Tennis on Campus” sectionals


Register online for Club Tennis.

Club tennis officer information

Sarah Sutin
Phone: 914-320-7611

Vice President
Bill Schaff
Phone: 616-780-3258

Sam Manning
Phone: 503-523-8299

Director of Social Media/PR
Lauren VanSolkema
Phone: 847-873-3102