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Club Sports

Officer Info & Forms

Club sports and Alpine Club officers ensure participants complete all required paperwork before participating in club activities.

If you have any questions regarding required forms or processes, please contact the student programs manager.

Acknowledgement of risk and Supplemental information forms

These forms must be completed annually. You must complete and return the forms to the student programs manager for each club sport team or Alpine Club trip in which you plan to participate.

Club leadership or coaches must outline the risks inherent with participation before you sign each form.

You must contact the student programs manager with any changes to this form. If you use your personal vehicle for club activities, you must attach a copy of your current driver’s license.

Download the assumption of risk form (PDF) and supplemental information form (PDF).

Safety officers

Teams with coaches and athletic trainers at every practice require at least two safety officers on roster with one at each club event. Teams without coaches and athletic trainers at every practice require at least three safety officers on roster. Safety officers must have valid CPR, first aid, AED and concussion training certifications.

Club Sports will pay for the registration of two safety officers per year. Any additional safety officer registration fees are the responsibility of the team.

Please contact Amy Catlin, Student Programs Manager, at or 303-871-3912 for information about certification and training.

Driving Requirements

Planning on driving a car for club sports or the Alpine Club? All drivers must be registered before you may drive for any club.

To register as a driver:


Club Sports Manual: 2015-16 (PDF)

Alpine Club Administration Manual (PDF)

Club Sports Constitution Guide (PDF)

Other Forms

Accident Report (PDF)

Incident Report (PDF)