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Club Sports

Start a Club Sport

If you’re interested in starting a new club sports team, you must follow these steps to request approval:

  1. Email the club sports executive council president.
  2. Form an interest group.
    • Create a list of 25 or more people interested in your club.
    • Collect full names, DU ID numbers, phone numbers and email addresses.
    • Introduce yourself and any other interest group leaders.
    • Have everyone introduce themselves.
    • Explain the reason for the new club sport and its purpose.
    • Explain how attendees can be a part of the organization's development.
    • Keep notes of the discussion and decisions that take place during the meeting.
  3. Complete the new club sport interest form.
    • Application includes:
      • Writing a formal club constitution
      • Creating a projected first year budget.
      • Determining potential governing body, leagues and opponents.
  4. Set a meeting with the Club Sports Executive Council president.
    • Both parties review new club application.
    • President voices concerns about club.
    • Interest groups can address any questions that they have.
    • Introduce club presentation to the CSEC.
    • Provide presentation guidelines.
  5. Present new club proposal to club sports executive council.
    • Board may voice concerns about the proposed club.
    • CSEC shares issues they wish for the interest group revisit.
  6. Once concerns have been addressed, the CSEC will approve or deny proposed club.
    • If approved, the club will go to the club sports advisory board for approval.
  7. Club sports advisory board meetings—CSAB is an organization comprised of representatives from all 28 club sports. At a CSAB meeting, the proposed new club sport presents its application to the CSAB. The presentation should include a description of:
    • the club sport and its activities
    • the leadership of the club sport
    • financial needs and how money will be raised
    • facility needs
    • the availability of a coach or instructor, if required
  8. A proposed new club sport must receive a two-thirds majority vote of the CSAB to become an official club sports interest group.

Approval/ Denial

If approved by the CSAB and sanction of the department of student programs, the new club sport is approved as an interest group for a one-year, non-funded probationary period.

If denied, the club must wait until the next school year before they may seek club status again.

Additional program information

For additional information on starting a new club sport, please contact Amy Catlin at 303-871-3912 or