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Intramural Sports

Past Champions

Congratulations to the spring 2015 intramural sports champions:

Table tennis tournament

Open: Michael Hanan


Co-rec: ZBT (gold), Sharks With Legs (crimson)

Outdoor soccer

Open: Statutory Strikers (sunday league), Macauley Culkin (tuesday league)

Co-rec: Learned Foot (gold), Kicking & Screaming (crimson), Shtokits (white)

Greek: SAE


Open: Balls Deep In The Hoop

Co-rec: Over the Hill

Flag football

Open: Grade A


Co-rec: ZBT

Ice hockey

Open: Slow Dump in the Corner

Winter 2015 intramural sports champions:

Wallyball tournament

Co-rec: To Kill A Blocking Nerd


Co-rec: Unprotected Six (gold), Sharks With Legs (crimson)

Indoor soccer

Men's: No Diving Allowed

Co-rec: PsyKicks (gold), Learned Foot (crimson), Kicking & Screaming (white)


Men's: Balls Deep In The Hoop

Co-rec: Ball So Hard University

Greek: Sigma Chi

Arena flag football

Open: Amy Likes Our TDs (gold), Abusement Park (crimson)


Co-rec: Bump, Set, Sorcery (gold), Set So Hard (crimson)

Fall 2014 intramural sports champions:

3v3 soccer tournament

Men's: No Diving Allowed

Co-rec: Thundersharks

Outdoor soccer

Men's: ZBT (gold), The Turn-Up Turnips (crimson)

Co-rec: Back That Pass Up (gold), We Play Better On Grass (crimson)


Men's: Balls Deep In The Hoop (gold), Torts Illustrated (crimson)

Co-rec: 1L of a Team


Co-rec: Jersey Chasers (gold), Legion of Broom (crimson)


Co-rec: EastCo (gold), Sets on the Beach - Haley (crimson)

Flag football

Greek: Kappa Sigma

Men's: Show Me Your TDs

Co-rec: Show Me Your TDs

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