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Intramural Sports

Greek Cup

New for the 2013-14 school year, the Greek Cup rewards intramural teams for participation while creating a competitive atmosphere amongst Greek Life at DU. For one sport each quarter, Greek teams are pitted against each other to be recognized as the most athletic fraternity and sorority on campus.

Points will accumulate through three sports for 2013-14:


Fall: flag football
Winter: basketball
Spring: 7v7 soccer


Fall: flag football
Winter: 6v6 volleyball
Spring: 7v7 soccer


General qualifications

  • All points accumulated throughout the academic year count toward standings in the Campus Championships overall division (1927 Award).
  • Fraternities and sororities may only register one team per sport.
  • Participants must be a member of the fraternity or sorority they are playing for.
    • Teams must submit a group roster prior to the start of each league.
  • Teams are limited to three Club Sports participants per team for their respective sports.

Point Structure

Registration points

Teams earn points for registering for leagues—up to 5 points for registering before the deadline.

Regular season points

Points are earned for playing all regular season games and for regular season wins.

Points are deducted for defaults and forfeits.

Playoff points

Teams will earn points based on their league standings—up to 10 points for the Greek playoffs and up to 10 points for the All University playoffs.

Sportsmanship grade points

For both regular season and playoff games, points are given for sportsmanship ratings of 3 and 4.

Points are deducted for sportsmanship ratings of 0 and 1.

Teams will lose 10 points if they are dropped from their league or miss playoffs due to sportsmanship grade points.

View the detailed point structure in the Greek Cup championship (PDF).