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Learn to Skate

Basic Skills

Our Learn to Skate basic skill level classes are designed for beginner and intermediate skaters, ages 6 to 12 years old, and skaters who have completed the Snowplow Sam 3 level.

Skaters must complete each level and receive a passing evaluation sheet before advancing to the next level.

Basic 1

Skaters will learn to:
  • safely stand and fall
  • march across the ice
  • glide on two feet
  • dip
  • snowplow stop
  • complete forward swizzles and backward skating
  • hop on two feet
  • perform a rocking horse

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Basic 2

Skaters will learn:
  • forward one-foot glides
  • backward two-foot glides
  • a moving snowplow stop
  • backward swizzles
  • slalom-pattern pumps
  • forward-to-backward two-foot turns

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Basic 3

Skaters will learn:
  • forward stroking
  • half swizzle pumps on a circle
  • backward one-foot glides
  • forward slaloms
  • a two-foot spin
  • moving forward-to backward two-foot turns

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Basic 4

Skaters will learn:
  • forward outside and inside edges on a circle
  • forward crossovers
  • backward stroking
  • backward snowplow stops
  • forward outside 3-turns

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Basic 5

Skaters will learn:
  • backward outside and inside edges on a circle
  • backward crossovers
  • a hockey stop
  • side-toe hops
  • a beginning one-foot spin

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Basic 6

Skaters will learn:
  • forward inside three-turns
  • bunny hops
  • spirals
  • lunges
  • T-stops
  • a moving backward-to-forward two-foot turn

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Basic 7

Skaters will learn:
  • forward inside pivots
  • ballet jumps
  • forward inside-open mohawks
  • a backward outside-edge to a forward inside-edge transition
  • backward crossovers to backward outside-edge glides

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Basic 8

Skaters will learn:
  • moving inside and outside three-turns
  • one-foot upright spin
  • a waltz jump
  • a mazurka and a combination move—including forward crossovers to an inside mohawk
  • backward crossovers to forward inside edges

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$115*/8-week series*

*Coors Fitness Center members, DU faculty/staff, DU students and DU alumni are eligible for a 10 percent discount. Please call 303-871-7728 to request the appropriate coupon code.