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Learn to Skate

Class Levels


Snowplow Sam (SPS) is designed for beginners, 3 to 5 years old. Upon completion of Snowplow Sam 3, skaters usually advance to the Basic 2 class.

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Our Learn to Skate basic-skill-level classes are designed for beginner and intermediate skaters, ages 6 to 12 years old, and skaters who have completed the Snow Plow Sam 3 level.

Skaters must complete each level and receive a passing evaluation sheet before advancing to the next level.

We recommend skaters ages 13 and older register for Adult Learn to Skate classes.

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These two levels of classes teach the fundamentals of hockey skating to kids who have completed Snowplow Sam 3 or Basic 1. Skaters in this program learn skating skills specific to hockey, how to maneuver faster and become more agile on the ice.

Proper skating techniques are the primary focus, and all elements are taught without a stick or puck. These levels prepare skaters ages 5 to 8 to enter the Jr. Pioneers Hockey Pre-Team.

All players must wear helmets and hockey skates. Hockey pads are optional.

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Formerly Learn Hockey Skating 3-4, Jr. Pioneers Hockey Pre-team is new for 2013-14 for kids who have completed Learn Hockey Skating 2. Pre-team teaches kids how to maneuver on the ice in full hockey gear--including hockey sticks and pucks.

The Pre-team level prepares skaters ages 5 to 8 to enter the Jr. Pioneers Hockey U8 beginner program.

All players must wear helmets with face cages, hockey skates, full pads and gloves. Players must also use hockey sticks.

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Free skate levels are for skaters who have completed the basic skills classes. Skaters can advance to the next level upon receiving an approved evaluation sheet.

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$115*/8-week series

*Coors Fitness Center members, DU faculty/staff, DU students and DU alumni are eligible for a 10 percent discount. Please call 303-871-7728 to request the appropriate coupon code.