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Learn to Swim


Where do I park and how do I get a parking permit?

There are several parking options around the Ritchie Center. To request a Ritchie Center parking permit, please visit or call (303)871-3210 after registering for Learn to Swim. Your permit will be mailed to you within 7-10 days of your request. If you need a temporary parking permit for your first Learn to Swim session, please contact our Aquatics Coordinators at 303-871-4484.

What should I bring for my swim lessons?

We recommend a set of goggles and a towel. If you forget either one, we have a limited supply of towels and goggles available.

Where should I meet for my lesson?

Please check in at the Coors Fitness Center front desk (located on the south side of the Ritchie Center) and proceed to El Pomar Natatorium. Once in the pool, please meet on the pool bleachers at the shallow end of the pool while you wait for your lesson. When it's time for your lesson, your child's instructor will call him/her over.

As a swim participant, do I have access to a locker room?

Yes. Both the men's and women's locker rooms are accessible from the pool deck. If you bring a quarter, you may lock up your gear. When you put the quarter in, you get the key, and when you put the key back in, you get your quarter back.

You will also have access to showers.

How old does my child have to be to participate in learn to swim?

We recommend that your child be at least 3 years old to fully enjoy and engage in our Learn to Swim program.

What are the requirements for each level?

Each level has specific skill sets that need to be met. For more information regarding skill sets and level appropriateness, please visit our class levels page.

How do I know when my child is ready for the next level?

At the end of each series, your child will receive a progress report that indicates the level for which the instructor feels he/she is ready.

How many lessons do I receive per series?

Our 14-week series include 14 lessons.

What is the instructor-to-participant ratio?

We restrict our group class size to four students. There is one instructor per class.

Private and semi-private classes are also available.

Are the classes divided by age?

Our classes are arranged by ability, not age. Your child’s lesson level will be determined by his/her swimming level. Therefore, a more skilled swimmer will be in a higher level.

What is the difference between group lessons and private lessons?

Group lessons involve more than one child per instructor.

A private lesson has one child and one instructor. Because private lessons provide one-on-one attention, they can more dramatically improve your child’s swimming abilities. These lessons focus on technique and skill development to build upon a swimmer’s foundation.

Semi-private lessons are also available for two, three or four students with one instructor.

How many times per week does my child have lessons?

Unless otherwise noted on the class levels page, lessons are 30 minutes, once per week.

When does registration begin?

Priority registration begins in Week 12 of each series.

  • Priority registration for those who want to keep the same class, time and day begins in Week 12 of each series.
  • Priority registration for those who want to change their day, time and/or class begins in Week 13 of each series.
  • General registration, which is open to the public, begins in Week 14.