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P.A.S.S. Camp

Sports Majors

Junior Varsity - Ages 5-7

JV campers (ages 5-7) are introduced to a variety of sports and recreations activities during P.A.S.S. Camp. They do not select a sports major.

Varsity - Ages 7-11

Varsity campers (ages 7-11) specialize in a sports major of their choice for the entire week of P.A.S.S. Camp. The number of campers per major each week is limited, so register your child early to secure their chosen major.

Varsity sports majors offered:

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Whether dribbling, shooting or passing, basketball majors will experience a variety of activities related to basketball training.

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With full-length mirrors, bars and a sound system, our fitness studios are a wonderful environment for our dance/cheer majors. During this major, campers will have the opportunity to learn, choreograph and perform routines.

Flag football

Although DU does not have a football team, our campers will experience throwing and passing footballs and playing this wonderful (non-contact) game.

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New to P.A.S.S. Camp in 2014, golf teaches campers the rules, technique and etiquette of one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world.

Ice Hockey

If your kids are interested in playing ice hockey, this is the major to select. Learn the basic fundamental skills while having fun on and off the ice. Campers will work on hand-eye coordination, and motor and skating skills.


Lacrosse is a fun, challenging sport built around hand-eye coordination. What better way to learn the sport than on the DU lacrosse turf, specifically built for the game?

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Jr. Lifeguarding

Taught by American Red Cross instructors, Jr. Lifeguarding helps build self-confidence and skills for life, including First Aid, CPR, shallow-water rescue techniques and water safety. Jr. Lifeguarding teaches skills but does not earn campers certification. Campers must be able to swim at least 50 yards on their own.

We recommend campers only register for Jr. Lifeguarding once during the summer as the activities do not vary from week to week.

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Martial arts

Whether you’ve heard of karate or taekwondo, this major will be a variety of different martial arts. It will focus on respect and self-control.

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Outdoor adventure

When was the last time you climbed up a two-story wall or found your balance on a slack line? Outdoor adventure majors will spend time on the climbing wall as well as working on balance and learning the various terms and knots.

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Back by popular demand! Campers will hit the pitch and learn to move the ball with skill and agility while working as a team, all with no forward passes.


Soccer is a fabulous sport with a key component of teamwork and footwork. Campers will learn drills and play a game where communication is key.


Play tennis on our multiple outdoor courts to learn hand-eye coordination and strength in the various strokes. This is a great sport for all ages.

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Ultimate Frisbee

A sport where the spirit of the game is included in the rules, Ultimate Frisbee helps players improve skills in passing, defense and speed.

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Bump! Set! Spike! This fun sport emphasizes hand-eye coordination and great communication skills.

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