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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Applied Research & Technology Institute

Applied Research & Technology

Research Team

Cobb, Wesley, PhD.

Senior Research Scientist Phone:  303-871-3140 E-mail:

Areas of Research:

Material characterization for quality assurance including ultrasonic, X-ray, eddy current, acoustic emission, thermograph and acoustic microscopy. Investigations have considered metals, composites, ceramics, electronics packages, concrete, and tissues

Analysis of the fundamental physics of material interactions, high-power ultrasonic and cleaning, sensor/ transducer selection and design, system design and development and signal processing. These skills are applied to develop unique solutions to industrial and government problems in the areas of:

  • Quantitative ultrasonic analysis and NDE for materials characterization and failure analysis
  • Ultrasonics for on and off-line process measurement and control
  • High-frequency acoustic microscopy for surface and electronic package testing

Ford, Steven

Manager, DFC Facility Phone:  303-871-2805 E-mail:

Areas of Research: Fabrication, testing and design of explosive ordnance systems and components Key participant in DRI projects involving high velocity impact and dynamic loading of materials

Manages programs at the DRI Ballistic Test Facility and participates in Hard Target Assessment research, impact vulnerability studies using simulated and actual fragments, evaluation of blast and fragment mitigation systems, and projects requiring a specialized knowledge of explosive loading and fabrication techniques

Works on a wide range of explosive ordnance systems and components including the C4/D5 Trident missiles and DOE missile systems, the Shipboard Document Destruct Safe system, and components for the Space Shuttle and other NASA programs

Failure analysis of ordnance systems and components, characterization of new explosive materials, explosive and propellant mixing and preparation, and machining of explosives and propellants

Specialized knowledge includes anti-armor weapons

McCombs, Barbara, PhD.

Senior Research Scientist and Director of Human Motivation, Learning and Development Center Phone:  303-871-4245 E-mail:

Areas of Research: Motivational and self-development training programs for empowering youths and adults

Director of the Human Motivation, Learning and Development Center, which conducts applications-driven research, development, and evaluation in the areas of human motivation, learning, and development so that research-validated principles can be used to enhance human potential and performance

McDermott, William, PhD.

Senior Research Scientist Phone:  303-871-2835 E-mail:

Areas of Research: Recognized world authority on singlet delta oxygen generators and the chemical oxygen iodine laser, both invented by a team led by Dr. McDermott at the U.S. Air Force Weapons Laboratory

Technical experience includes system engineering activities, laser development, instrumentation, optical systems, and radiochemistry

Author of eight patents and over 30 publications and presentations

Program manager for the High Energy Laser Multidisciplinary Research Initiative, an AFOSR funded program to develop advanced chemical laser devices

Team performs theoretical calculations, measures important kinetic rates, develops safe handling procedures for chemical fuels, designs and demonstrates laser devices. The systems of interest are the NCI(a) - I and O2(a)-I transfer lasers

New, Donald Jr.

Project Engineering Phone:  303-871-2411 E-mail:

Areas of Research: Risk assessment of hypervelocity impacts to International Space Station

Development of a new, first-of-a-kind thermography program which uses an infrared InSb PFA (focal plane array) and a DU-patented minimal intrusive optical technique to look inside a modern production engine collecting temperature profiles of various internal combustion chamber components

Contributed to the development of two Open Path Infrared Spectrophotometers (OPIS); Open Path FTIR (OPIR) and Open Path Ultraviolet (OPUV) and have used these instruments to measure emissions from automobiles, Superfund sites, feedlots, waste water treatment plants, products from detonation of explosives and products from burning propellants

Explosives and ballistics research and testing

Wiley, Justin

Facility Security Officer Phone:  303-871-3192 E-mail: