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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Applied Research & Technology Institute

Applied Research & Technology


East Range Video Demo - To learn more about the East Range and research capabilities click play.

News Article - The Denver Post highlighted the Applied Research & Technology Institute for their capabilities in a recent article.  Click here to read it.

The Applied Research & Technology Institute (ARTI), formally known as the Denver Research Institute, at the University of Denver specializes in sponsored research and testing. It is comprised of both ARTI staff and researchers from a number of academic departments including but not limited to Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Astronomy, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Business, Education and the Graduate School of International Studies.

Although ARTI's areas of expertise are diverse and span the physical and social sciences, they are committed to addressing major issues facing our nation and world.  Researchers in ARTI are committed to partnerships and collaborative efforts to improve STEM education as well as address issues with Space Exploration, Security, and other military and business issues for which expertise in research, evaluation and development are required.

ARTI has a number of unique capabilities to offer clients, such as the ability to conduct classified studies and custom applied research, development and testing services. Our special skills include developing custom instrumentation, conducting vulnerability and risk analysis and energetic materials testing. We can provide laboratory and field test sites and equipment, as well as custom research services using our extensive facilities and capabilities.

ARTI partners with the Rocky Mountain Center for Homeland Defense & Preparedness (RMCHD&P) Institute.  ARTI focuses on projects in the areas of improvised explosive devices, geographic information systems (GIS) technology and communication operability. The RMCHD&P mission is to be the region's Center of Excellence for protection against, and response to, a range of terrorist incidents and large-scale disruptive events.

Clients include:

  • U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • Neumann Systems Group
  • U.S. Missile Defense Agency
  • Joint Technology Office
  • Applied Research Associates
  • Corvid Technologies