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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Applied Research & Technology Institute

Applied Research and Technology



The Applied Research & Technology Institute conducts "application-driven" research, development, and evaluation in areas including human motivation, learning and development so that research-validated principles can be used to enhance human potential and performance.  Researchers draw on the multi-disciplinary expertise of the University of Denver faculty and other recognized experts and organizations working in the same areas.  They also engage in international research collaboration through their vast network of clients and organizations interested in applying ecological system redesign principles to the redesign of 21st century learning systems.

For the human system aspects of research and development, we apply principles of collaboration involving a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary groups of local, national and international leaders from field relevant to the research and development and evaluation goals of these partners.


  • We will facilitate multi-disciplinary application research and development using the full intellectual assets of the university community. 
  • We will pursue public recognition of the University of Denver as a leader in the advancement of knowledge based on scholarly and ethical principals and with respect for all people.
  • We will be a vital element in the University's dual mission of education and scholarly research.
  • Priority will be given to broadening the understanding of the human experience and finding solutions to perplexing problems.
  • We will seek out and develop collaborative relationships with members of the University community who share these goals.
  • We will invite and embrace collegiality with all individuals who value rigorous discourse and the adventure of discovery.
  • We will seek and find external association with scholars from other institutions and industry.
  • We will seek engagement with diverse local and global communities that contribute to the common good.
  • We will disseminate scholarly works that expand the frontiers of understanding.
  • We will serve as a catalyst for intellectual curiosity and creativity.
  • Our search for knowledge will be daring and distinguished by inclusiveness, collaboration, involvement, responsiveness and accountability.