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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Computer Science


Job Opportunities

Java Programmer    06/17/2011

Seeking high quality java programmer to assume programming responsibilities for an active project that requires encrypting patient identifiers to ensure patient confidentiality. A second step requires linking pairs of encrypted identifiers from 2 different data sources to find the same patient in both data sets. Called Privacy Protecting Record Linkage, this project requires programming various encryption methods and various record blocking and comparison methods.

Because data sets to be linked are large, database programming will also be required.

Required technical skills:

1.       Advanced JAVA programming, including database access to MySQL

2.       Comfort with using Eclipse as a JAVA programming IDE

3.       Comfort with using Subversion

4.       Mid-level knowledge of MySQL

5.       Basic knowledge of SQL

6.       Can work in both Windows and Linux environments


Please Contact,

Michael Kahn, M.D., Ph.D


Work: (720)-777-6407


IT Technician in Support Services    04/13/2011

The IMA Financial Group, Inc. & Subsidiaries Structured Compensation - Job Description I.T. Analyst


Provide support for all components of IMA's computing and communications infrastructure. Provide administrative and operational support for IMA's information technology needs. Lead information technology related projects.

Major Duties and Responsibilities: Support end users in all data processing applications, troubleshoot hardware and software problems and deploy new hardware and software. More...


CD album art designer   04/13/2011

I am looking for someone who is qualified to create professional album art. The CD will be available through every "brick and mortar" music retail store and through every digital distribution channel. We are hoping to meet our deadline which is April 15th for a June/July release. I know this may not be realistic at this point but I would at least like to get started. Please, contact me at