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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Computer Science



Humane Games

At the University of Denver we not only teach creation of games for the entertainment industry, but also focus on Humane Games.  We have coined the term Humane Games to encompass three subfields:

  • Games for Education
  • Games for Medicine and Health
  • Socially Conscious Games

Our faculty and graduate students are engaged in research and scholarship in each of these three areas.  At DU we believe that games have the potential to improve society as well as provide entertainment.  To learn more about Humane Games, visit the Game Development Program details.

Information Security and Privacy

The University of Denver has an active research group in information security and privacy, dedicated to creating tools and techniques that is directly useful for a broad audience, going beyond the usual construction of academic proof-of-concept prototypes. Our faculty associated with these areas teach courses in computer security, system security, networking, secure software development and information privacy. We believe in full disclosure and are happy to educate students in all aspects of security, including attacking the security of systems. The department is also home to the Colorado Research Institute for Security and Privacy that include faculty members performing state-of-the-art research in security and privacy.

Software Engineering

Faculty in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Denver are internationally recognized researchers in the field of Software Engineering. We study and develop methods, tools and techniques that aim to improve the practice of software engineering and thereby help engineers create sophisticated software products with the desired functionality, with enhanced quality and robustness, and within predictable schedules and budgets. Specific topics of interest include: Tools, Metrics, Software Testing, Reliability, Productivity Assessment, Program Comprehension, Maintenance, Evaluation of Distributed Systems, Multi-Criteria System Evaluation, Testing of Embedded and Intelligent Systems, and Energy-aware Software Engineering.