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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Computer Science

Computer Science


What are the average test scores for students who are accepted into the DU School of Engineering and Computer Science?


·        28 ACT

·        1180 SAT

·        3.5 GPA


Do you accept AP and/or IB credits?

The University of Denver and the School of Engineering and Computer Science accept AP and IB credits. Depending on the course, you must earn a score of 4 or 5 to transfer the credit. See a detailed list of courses and scores required.


Can I get involved with research?

Undergraduate students are able to participate in research, paid and unpaid, while pursuing their degree.  Many students connect with faculty and graduate students with similar research interests.


What type of computer am I required to have?

Students are recommended to use the computer requirements found here


What if I want extra help? Are tutors available?

The School of Engineering and Computer Science provides FREE tutoring Monday through Friday for first- and second-year students. You can stop by for clarification on course work, assistance with homework or help with test preparation from third- and fourth-year students.


What courses should I be choosing?

A sample curriculum is available here. In addition, your academic advisor will guide you through the selections.


Will I have a life as a computer science or game development student?

The School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Denver offers a flexible curriculum that enables students to study and participate in outside activities, and earn a minor outside computer science or game development with ease. You'll find students taking advantage of life in Denver and the Rocky Mountains throughout the year.   


Why should I choose DU over other universities?

There are a number of advantages to our engineering and computer science programs: * You'll enjoy small class sizes - an average of 13 students - starting your first year. * Courses are taught by faculty, not graduate students, so you get the best education. * As an computer scientist or game developer, you'll start working in lab settings your first year, so you can apply your course knowledge to real projects.