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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Gerald R. Edelstein, MS

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Knudson 112
2390 South York Street
Denver, CO 80208

(303) 871-3129



                                                            CONCEPTS III
                                                           Apps I
                                                         Apps II





Concepts III
Concepts III introduces students to computer engineering as it applies to engineering analysis, synthesis and design. Students practice structured teamwork and program management skills in the context of projects. Emphasis on computer tools with immediate application to engineering practice. 

Co-requisite: MATH 1951 or permission of instructor.
Prerequisites:         None.Textbook:        

Introduction to Digital Systems, PrenticeLecture Topics:
Alan C. Dixon and James L. Antonakos, 
  1. Introduction to numbering systems (1 class)
  2. Binary arithmetic. (1 class)
  3. Logic families. (1 class)
  4. Basic logic gates. (1 class)
  5. Boolean algebra. (1 class)
  6. Simplifying logic circuits. (1 class)
  7. Karnaugh maps. (1 class)
Laboratory Topics:        
  1. Flash A/D converter, analog section. (2 labs)
  2. Flash A/D converter, digital section (binary display). (2 labs)
  3. Flash A/D converter, digital section (seven segment display). (2 labs)
  4. Flash A/D converter documentation. (1 lab)
  5. Pic Microcontroller. (1 lab)
  6. Programming in Assembly Language. (1 labs)
  7. Servomotor Pulse Control. (2 labs)
  8. Ultrasound Sensors. (2 labs)
  9. uP Controlled Vehicle. (4 labs)
 Class/Laboratory Schedule: One 50 min. lecture and two 1 hr & 50 min. lab. sessions per week.