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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Frequently Used Forms for Students and Faculty

Undergraduate Student Documents and Forms
Graduate Student Documents and Forms
Administrative - Travel and Purchasing Forms

DU Sales Tax Exempt Certificate

General Purchase Reimbursement Request

Purchase Requisition/Field Order (You must obtain a Field Order number from the Department.)

Purchasing Reimbursement Policies

W-8BEN International Vendor Form

W9 for Domestic Vendor Form




Currency Converter

Per Diem - Domestic | International

Travel Authorization Form

Travel Reimbursement Request - Include printouts of:

  1. currency conversion when applicable
  2. mileage printout (Mapquest/Googlemaps)   when applicable  (Airport (DU/DIA round trip) mileage is no more than 55 miles and does not require a printout).
  3. Parking is reimbursed at the DIA Economy Lot Rate only.
  4. Domestic per-diem rate   (Please note for domestic travel food and essentials are reimbursed at the per diem rate; do not include individual receipts for these expenses. First and last day of travel are reimbursed at 75% of the per diem rate.
  5. International per-diem rate travel, food, incidentals and hotel are reimbursed at the per diem rate. First and last day of travel are reimbursed at 75% of the per diem rate.


Faculty/Staff Forms Policies and Procedures


Change of Status

Continuous Enrollment

Course Proposal Form

DU Special Community Member Form

Graduate Course Substitution of Waiver Approval Form

Graduate Student Termination Form

GRE Exception Form

Hiring Form

Independent Research/Independent Study

Masters Advancement to Candidacy

Monthly Timesheet

PhD Preliminary Advancement to Candidacy

PhD Final Advancement to Candidacy


Signature Authority

Transfer of Credit

Travel Reimbursement

Undergraduate Course Substitution or Waiver Approval Form



Code of Conduct

Doctoral Fellowship Policy

Engineering Design Purchasing Procedures

Graduate Application Review

Graduate Studies Policies

Graduation and Oral Defense Procedures

Inclusive Engagement Fellowship Policy


Graduate Application Review using WebXtender (Best Browser is Internet Explorer 9)
Graduate Student Academic Forms (Accessed through Secure Portfolio Site):

Student Forms
Applicant Amended Action Form/GRE Waiver
Change of Status Request Form
Change of Major
Doctoral Advancement to Preliminary Candidacy
Doctoral Advancement to Final Candidacy
Graduate Course Substitution or Waiver Approval Form
Masters Advancement to Candidacy
Progress Report on Masters Candidate
Tool Requirement
Transfer of Credit

Graduate Policy Manual, Faculty and Staff
Proposing-Closing Courses Policy
Dissertation Fellowship Policy
Doctoral Fellowship Policy
Inclusive Engagement Fellowship Policy