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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Program Overview


DU’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) is creating the future of technology by providing a graduate education that emphasizes both multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge. The distinguished faculty is creating multidisciplinary education and research programs that anticipate technological trends in research and development as well as industry. Graduate students join the faculty in conducting leading-edge basic and applied research in emerging disciplines developing novel and unique solutions to old and new problems and opportunities.

All laboratories in the Department contain state-of-the-art equipment and software to support basic and applied research in hardware and software design, hardware/software interfacing, communications and signal processing, image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition, optoelectronics, power and energy systems, MEMS, robotics, mechatronic systems, unmanned systems, among other research areas. Small classes support our multidisciplinary and real-time focus by providing close contact between students and faculty, which allows us to meet students’ individual career goals.

Denver is a first-rate location for business, governmental and laboratory partnerships, and technology employment. The Colorado Front Range is consistently rated as one of the top high-tech areas in the country, and DU is located just minutes from the Denver Technological Center, the site of many top technology companies. The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering is committed to active collaboration with these industry leaders. As a result, our students graduate with relevant research experience and a network of employment contacts in the technology sector that is second to none!

The ECE Department offers, among other degrees, a Masters and a PhD degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSE). DU/ECE is the only University in the U.S. that offers BS, MS and PhD degrees in MSE.