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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering / MBA

Fourth Year Fall

Fourth Year Winter

Fourth Year Spring

COMP 2370 Intro to Algorithms & Data Struct. 
ENGR 3323 Engineering Design Project II   
ENGR 3333 Engineering Design Project III 
ENCE 3501 VLSI Design                     
COMP 3361 Operating Systems I           
ASEM 2xxx Advanced Seminar            
ENGR 3313 Engineering Design Project I    
FIN 4630 Managerial Finance            
MGMT 4620 Organizational Dynamics    
STAT 4610 Quantitative Methods           
MKTG 4100 Marketing Concepts         
MBA Elective                            
ACTG 4610 Financial Accounting           
17 QH
15 QH
15 QH

Fifth Year Fall

Fifth Year Winter

Fifth Year Spring

ENCE 3xxx Technical Elective           
BUS 4620 Ethics - 21st Century Professional  
ENGR 3951 Engineering Assessment II    
ACTG 4660 Strategic Cost Management   
MGMT 4690 Strategic Management      
BUS 4630 Creating Sustainable Enterprise 
BUS 4610 The Essence of Enterprise       
MBA Elective                                   
ITEC 4610 Information Technology Strategy 
MGMT 4630 Strategic Human Resources    
MBA 4610 Business Law and Public Policy  
MBA 4690 Enterprise Solutions        
XXXX - Technical Elective               
15 QH
16 QH
15 QH
Required Total Hours 247 QH
University Common Curricula These may be taken in any order. They must have 2 courses with attributes of analytical inquiry: society and 2 courses attributes of scientific inquiry: society.
ASEM 2XXX - Advanced Seminar Engineering students are required to take a writing-intensive advanced seminar.   Junior standing is also required.
XXXX - Technical Elective.   Technical Electives are used to complete specializations for the degree. Only technical courses may be used, and these must carry Upper-Division credit. Prior approval by the advisor is required.