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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Minor in Computer Science

BSCpE Students

CpE Students with will receive a minor in CS by completing 20 quarter hours in computer science courses. Most of these courses are already required in the CpE curriculum (see below). The only required course is COMP 1671 that is substituted with COMP 1571 (taken by engineering majors).  
  •            Introduction to Computer Science II (COMP 1672); 4 QH        
  •       Intro to Algorithms & Data Structure  (COMP 2300); 4 QH
  •            Discrete Structures (COMP 2300); 4 QH
  •       Operating System I (COMP 3361); 4 QH
  •       Comp Org. & Architecture (ENCE 3241); 4 QH

Other Engineering Majors (EE & MSE)

To receive a minor in computer science, a student must complete a minimum of 20 quarter hours in computer science courses including Procedural Programming I (COMP 1571), Introduction to Computer Science II/III (COMP 1672/2673). Students are encouraged to take Introduction to Discrete Structures (COMP 2300) and Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (COMP 2370). Additional courses are subject to advance written approval by an advisor from the computer science faculty.