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Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics

High Speed Stereo Radiography

fluoro snapshot
Stereo fluoroscopic images of a cadaveric knee used for system calibration.

This project supported the acquisition of a stereo radiography system with large field-of-view detectors and high speed Phantom cameras to enable state-of-the-art measurement of bone and joint motion at a sub-mm level.  Located in the Human Dynamics Laboratory, bi-plane radiographs can be captured simultaneously with motion capture, force plate, and electromyography (EMG) data.  Planned studies will investigate natural and implanted mechanics in the knee, hip, spine and foot.

This project was supported by:

MRI: Acquisition of a Biplane Fluoroscopy System for Dynamic Imaging of In-Vivo Human Motion
Investigators: P. Rullkoetter, B. Davidson, C. Fitzpatrick, P. Laz, K. Shelburne.
Supported by: National Science Foundation,  Grant number: CNS-1229148
October 2012-October 2014

with cost share provided by the University of Denver.

Biplane Fluoro
Photograph of the high speed stereo radiographic system in the Human Dynamics Laboratory.

fluoro model
CAD model of the system.