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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Forms and Documents

Undergraduate Documents and Forms

2013-14 Undergraduate Bulletin with Degree Plans (older bulletins can be found on the Degree Programs and Minors link on the Undergraduate tab)

Change of Major

Degree Plans (linked to Degree Programs and Minors link on the Undergraduate tab)

Engineering Design (Senior Design)

  1. Engineering Design Purchasing Procedures
  2. Engineering Design Spending Request Form
  3. General Purchase Reimbursement Request
  4. DU Sales Tax Exempt Certificate

Experiential Learning Registration Form (Internships)

Financial Aid Forms

Office of the Registrar Forms (The following forms can be found here:)

  • Address Change Form
  • Application to Complete Two Bachelors Degrees Concurrently
  • Application to declare or change Undergraduate Degree/Major/Minor
  • Application for Independent Study, Directed Study and Independent Research Form
  • Incomplete Grade Application
  • Name Change Request Form
  • Transcript Order Form
  • Undergraduate Request to "Walk" in Commencement Ceremony
  • Withdrawal Form

PINS (Partners in Scholarship) Application

Prerequisite/Corequisite Waiver Form

Request to take Graduate Course as an Undergraduate

Student Health Insurance Plan Enrollment Form

Student Health Insurance Plan Enrollment Form (Study Abroad)

Graduate Documents and Forms
Administrative - Purchasing and Travel Forms

When making purchases, whether online or in the store, be sure to specify we are a tax-exempt organization and confirm that tax will not be charged. The same holds true for purchases made personally for reimbursement later. Tax will not be reimbursed. Shipping and handling charges ARE reimbursable.  The DU Sales Tax Exempt Certificate is below.

Original, itemized receipts are required.  These may be emails, if that is how the receipt was received.  Printouts of online order pages, copies of credit card statements, and packaging slips are NOT considered receipts.  Receipts for a food must include the names of all attendees and purpose of meeting.  Alcohol charges will not be reimbursed if being paid with grant funding. Tips are reimbursable.


Purchase Requisition/Field Order   Purchase Requisitions for purchases over $899.  Field Orders for purchases <$900.  (You must obtain a Field Order number from the Department.)

General Purchase Reimbursement Request

Purchasing Reimbursement Policies

DU Sales Tax Exempt Certificate

W-8BEN International Vendor Form

W9 Vendor Form

W9 DU Tax Exempt Status



  1. currency conversion when applicable
  2. mileage printout (Mapquest/Googlemaps)   when applicable  (Airport (DU/DIA round trip) mileage is no more than 55 miles and does not require a printout).
  3. Parking is reimbursed at the DIA Economy Lot Rate only.
  4. Domestic per-diem rate   (Please note for domestic travel food and essentials are reimbursed at the per diem rate; do not include individual receipts for these expenses. First and last day of travel are reimbursed at 75% of the per diem rate.
  5. International per-diem rate travel, food, incidentals and hotel are reimbursed at the per diem rate. First and last day of travel are reimbursed at 75% of the per diem rate.
Faculty/Staff Forms Policies and Procedures

Undergraduate Student Form:

Undergraduate Course Substitution Form


Graduate Student Forms and Policies:

Graduate Application Review using WebXtender (Best Browser is Internet Explorer 9)

Graduate Student Academic Forms (Accessed through Secure Portfolio Site)

Student Forms

  • Applicant Amended Action Form/GRE Waiver
  • Change of Status Request Form
  • Change of Major
  • Doctoral Advancement to Preliminary Candidacy
  • Doctoral Advancement to Final Candidacy
  • Graduate Course Substitution or Waiver Approval Form
  • Masters Advancement to Candidacy
  • Progress Report on Masters Candidate
  • Tool Requirement
  • Transfer of Credit
  • Termination


  • Graduate Policy Manual, Faculty and Staff
  • Proposing-Closing Courses Policy
  • Dissertation Fellowship Policy
  • Doctoral Fellowship Policy
  • Inclusive Engagement Fellowship Policy

Administrative Forms (On Secure Portfolio Site)

  • Graduate Application Review - Access procedures
  • MME Department Letterhead (electronic)
  • MME Department Memo (electronic)
  • GXA Offer Letter
  • RSECS Hiring Form for Non-Benefitted Hires
  • Senior Design Project Application
  • Special Community Member Form
  • Work-Study Position Setup Form